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This is the age of the internet, as they say. However, in Chandel, inadequate, unreliable and irregular power supply, lack of internet infrastructure, inadequate bandwidth and poverty are currently constraints in accessing the internet. Nevertheless, www.chandel.nic.in, the official website of the district administration, Chandel district is a small attempt to bring administration and governance closer to the public. The website is, for the moment, meant to serve as a platform for empowering people by proactively disseminating information on government resources. Through this site, we intend to make available data, information and documents relevant to the public. Transparency is another objective behind the hosting of this website. We believe, placing information on the website could and should also lead us to course correction in areas such as implementation of beneficiary-oriented programmes, for instance. Access to such information will be free and will not require a password. In time to come, this platform would be improved upon as an interactive platform. Grievances could perhaps be heard and disposed off over the website without the requirement of a member of the public having to wait for long tiring hours merely to place across his concern and grievance to a competent authority.


            My special thanks go to Shri Neilenthang Telian, who, during his short probationary stint as Assistant Commissioner, Chandel could devote time and effort in improving the aesthetics of this website. Much thanks also to the NIC team of Chandel for complementing these efforts through their dedication and involvement.


(Ningthoujam Geoffrey)

Deputy Commissioner, Chandel

Dated Chandel, the 6th of February, 2015.


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