Art & Culture

  1. Paite Dance

    Paddy Cultivation Celebration Dance for Paite Tribe Kinds: Dak Lam, Jangta Lam, Phit Lam, Ton Lam, and Silam Lam

  2. Thadou Kuki Dance

    Paddy Cultivation Celebration Dance for Thadou Kuki Tribe

  3. Tarao War Dance

    It is type of War Victory Celebration Dance for Tarao Tribe

Each tribal group has their own distinct culture and tradition in their dance, music, dress, customary practices and pastimes. The folk dances of the ethnic tribes captivate the beholders with their exotic costumes and simple but graceful rhythm.

The Maring tribe also inhabiting in this district are famous for their handicraft products. They are the main manufacturers of Likhai, Sangbai, Chengbon, Meruk (all containers), Morah (for sitting) and Long-up, Tengbol (for fishing), etc. which are made of cane and bamboo.

Every tribal group has distinct style of embroidery patterns on their dress.