About Khenjoi Subdivision

Sub-Division Profile

Located at a distance of 180 km. from the capital city, Imphal and 110 km. from the district headquarter, Khengjoi is one of the three sub-divisions under Chandel district, Manipur. With 2(two) Tribal Development Blocks under its jurisdiction, namely Khengjoi T.D. Block and Khangbarol T.D. Block, Khengjoi sub-division was bifurcated from Chakpikarong sub-division in 2011 for administrative convenience. Except for a couple of villages, the sub-division is predominantly inhabited by Kuki tribes, which is one of the major tribal groups residing in Manipur. At present, there are 127 villages under the administrative head of the sub-division. In the south and south-east, it shares an international boundary with Myanmar (erstwhile Burma).

Flora and Fauna

One of the distinct geographical features of Khengjoi sub-division is that the hills that are covered with beautiful pine trees, bamboos and several other types of plant constitute a major portion of its geographical area. In other words, the sub-division is basically a hilly region which offers a serene and picturesque view that has the potential of being developed as a major tourist spot and thus providing a significant contribution towards the economy of the state. Being a hilly region, it is also home to several species of fauna such as wild boar, deer, wild cats locally known as keijenglang, mithun ( a semi-wild bovine) etc.


It is a village situated 50 km. away from the district headquarter. What makes Joupi unique from the rest of the villages under Khengjoi sub-division is the fact that it receives a substantial amount of rainfall throughout the year. Most of the days, rain-laden clouds cover the slopes of the surrounding hills and thus the atmosphere remains foggy throughout the day. Hence, the region enjoys a very cool temperate climate throughout the year. In those days when the sky becomes distinctly clear, one can experience the uniqueness of the village in its natural and pristine beauty. Clearly, there is no doubt in equating the climate of the village with that of a hill station. Sugnu is the nearest town from Joupi. Presently, 29 Assam Rifles of 28 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR(South) is stationed in the village. Their presence in the region has created a conducive and secure environment in and around the village. Apart from functioning as the sentinel for the villagers, they are also actively involved in social activities such as organising free medical camps, extending help to villagers at times of natural disasters/calamities, etc.


Mombi, a village situated about 25 km. towards south from the district headquarter, holds a historical significance in the collective consciousness of the Kuki tribal population. As an act of commemorating the forefathers of Kukis who stood up and fought valiantly then chief of Mombi, held his ground and stood firmly in defiance. Remembering his act of valour and sacrifices, his statue was erected on the top of a hill at Mombi. The life-size statue was unveiled in 2010 by ex-MLA Bijoy Koijam who was also the Deputy Chairman of State Planning Board.

It is a village situated at the Indo-Myanmar border. Due to its proximity to Myanmar, the village is characterised by plain topography with warm and humid climate. One of the interesting features of the village is the fact that the villagers procure most of their basic