1. Anal Festivals

- Ikam
- Inhla
- Philthabla (Hunting & fighting festival)
- Mikhemphan (Collection of money & food)
- Sungkhomlkhan (Fencing of village boundary with religious significance)

2. Thadou Festival

- Chon (A great festival of Thadous. Subdivided into Sha-ai, and Chai-lai).

3. Kuki Festival

- Chavan Kut ( An important annual festival of Kuki tribes. Performed with great pomp and pageantry.)

4. Naga Festival

- Lui Ngai Ni (It is a Naga Seed Sowing Festival accompanied by various cultural activities and dances of Naga tribes.) 5. Monsang Festival - Kum ether Borhin esha or Chanou Tangba (It is a Monsang custom festival for testing the newly harvested crops.) 6. Christmas Christmas, the greatest festival of all the Christians, is observed for two days on 24th and 25th December. Prayers, reading of Gospels, singing of hymns, lectures on Jesus Christ, sports, and community feast etc., form the major part of the festival.

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