Land Ownership, Valuation and Non-encumbrance Certificate


( Land ownership, valuation and Non-encumbrance certificate )


                            This is to certify that Shri/Smt/Km

                            S/O, D/O, W/O Shri/Smt   is a bonafied and permanent 

                            resident of village

                            Sub-Division, . He/she is known to me for the last

                            . He/She possessed a plot of land ( Ingkhol) in the village itself for his/her

                            home stead measuring  an area of acres. He/She is permanent settled in the said

                            plot and his/her house is listed in the Registered book of house tax at serial no. of

                            village. The approximate  value of the said  land/plot as per

                            local rate/record is estimated to Rs ( Rupees )


                                    Further certify that the said plot of ingkhol class stands in the name of Shri/Smt/Km.

                            and free from all encumbrances.


                                    He/She is not related to me



                            Checked and verified by                                                        Signature of the

                            Village Authority with seal.                                                     SDO/SDC with seal